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Affiliate Content Secrets

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Inside this new book, you’ll discover the EXACT SECRETS that a 12-year MASTER in affiliate marketing uses to make a six-figure income every year!

The proven tips and strategies you’ll find in this book can help you MAXIMIZE YOUR EARNINGS on every affiliate page you publish.


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What is Affiliate Content Secrets?

It is NOT just another “basic” affiliate marketing book.

It is NOT a book about manipulating Google to get more traffic—though it will help you make more money from every single visitor who lands on your site.

It is NOT a book about white labeling or dropshipping—though it will help you sell a lot more of the affiliate products you already link to.

It is NOT a book about switching affiliate programs—though it will help you boost your conversions no matter what program you use (e.g. Amazon, Clickbank, ShareAsale, etc.)

It is NOT a book about publishing more content—though it will help you increase your product click-through rates on all of your existing affiliate pages (and any new content you do happen to write).

So, WHAT IS Affiliate Content Secrets?

Affiliate Content Secrets is a PLAYBOOK for How to Make More Money as an Affiliate Marketer


If you’re doing any type of affiliate marketing, then this new book is for you: Affiliate Content Secrets: Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies You Can Use to Maximize Your Earnings.

The tips and strategies you’ll learn are UNIVERSAL and will help you maximize your profits on every affiliate page you publish—regardless of the niche.

Inside, you’ll discover how ANYONE can use the power of words and page structures to INCREASE their click-through rates and conversions no matter what affiliate products you sell.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a lack of product clicks or low affiliate earnings, then this IS THE BOOK you’ve been looking for!

Inside, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to become a more successful affiliate marketer.

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Here’s the TRUTH… I’ve Uncovered a Set of INCOME BOOSTING Tactics That Almost Nobody Knows About…

And These Secrets Have the Ability to GROW Your Affiliate Earnings Faster Than Anything Else You’ve Tried!



I’m Stephen Hockman, the author of Affiliate Content Secrets.

As you know, there’s a big difference in just having an affiliate website

and having an affiliate website that actually PAYS YOUR BILLS for you.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, let me know if this has happened to you…

YOU have a dream of making a fortune online with affiliate marketing.

So, you select a niche, you build a website, and you write some affiliate buying guides.

But, you don’t experience the high click-through rates or conversions that actually puts piles of money into your bank account.

If anything, your clicks and earnings are much lower than you had hoped for.

And so, you do like the rest of us do, you hop onto a marketing forum or Facebook group…

And you ask for help…

You ask people to help you figure out what’s wrong with your affiliate pages. And, to share any tips or tricks they have on how to make more money with affiliate marketing.

But instead of getting actual strategies to put into place, you’re met with the typical answers, like “build more backlinks”, “try this SEO software”, “pay for a site audit”, or “sign up for this special affiliate course”.

Reluctantly, you try one of those suggestions with the blind hope that you’ll get the solution you’re desperately seeking: improving your affiliate site’s earnings.

But, nothing works. Does it?

You never get those instant results that everyone else is raving about.

It seems like there’s always one extra backlink package you have to buy to increase your site’s rankings…

Or a special training you need on how to properly use the SEO software…

Or a long list of technical changes you have to make from that site audit…

Or you discover that the affiliate course you bought into was actually designed to sell you on additional products that are “required” to get positive results.

Or, does your story sound a little bit different?

Maybe you have been successful at affiliate marketing and are generating a good income from your sites.

If so, congratulations!

However, you want to take your earnings to the NEXT LEVEL but you feel stuck…

You don’t know what to do next to make more money from your existing affiliate sites and need some help.

Or, you have some decent earning sites and you want to FLIP those sites for a profit.

But, they’re just not producing enough cash yet to give you a high enough return on your investment.

So, you want to know what steps you can take to increase the profits for those sites and finally CASH IN on selling them.

If You Identify with Any of Those Scenarios, Then This New Book IS for You!

Book Cover

It may seem too good to be true, but I assure you that after you get your copy of this NEW book, you’ll see just how valuable it can be for BOOSTING your affiliate income.

As the author of Affiliate Content Secrets, I don’t think there’s anyone else on the planet who is willing to give away all of their TOP MONEY-MAKING advice for the low, low price of a book.

So, Grab Your Copy Today!

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I Went From Earning $2.18 to a Six-Figure Income and So Can You!

The truth is that I started my first affiliate site in 2008.

It was a one-page site that reviewed Bose headphones.

I made $2.18 in my first month and I was INSTANTLY HOOKED on affiliate marketing.

Making passive income online was intoxicating (which you’ve clearly experienced too) and so I spent the next 10+ years learning everything I could on how to boost my earnings on affiliate sites.

I had a lot of wins!

And a lot of losses…

I even thought about giving up on affiliate marketing all together at one point because I had the #1 ranking site for a high traffic keyword, yet it didn’t produce any sales!

But, I stuck with it.

And I learned from my mistakes.

Now I earn a SIX-FIGURE income from that same affiliate site. (Good thing I didn’t quit! Right?)

It has been a tough—but extremely rewarding—journey along the way to financial freedom, and during my career, I’ve developed a successful strategy that works to maximize the earnings on every affiliate page I publish.

I can literally write a new affiliate buying guide (on any topic) and know 100% for sure that it’s going to generate a HIGH commission for me.

However, this confidence only came after many years of research, analysis, and testing of various tips and strategies on my own dime.

A lot of the things I tried didn’t work.

But the ones that did, the REAL SECRETS, compounded on each other, and are what ended up making my affiliate sites so successful.

Even today, I use the same methods revealed in this new book to squeeze every ounce of profit out of each affiliate site I own.

The methods I teach are evergreen too. So, they’ll NEVER STOP working.

What seemed impossible before, making a full-time living from affiliate marketing, is now a reality. And the same thing can be true for you if you follow the secrets I reveal in this new book.

Because of the affiliate tips and strategies I uncovered through years of trial and error, I now earn more than $10,000 each month in passive income without having to work hard for it.

Want to See Some Proof?

Here are some of my earning reports that show you EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY I’m making from the methods I reveal in this new book, Affiliate Content Secrets.

May 2020 Income Report
May 2020 Income Report
June 2020 Income Report
June 2020 Income Report
July 2020 Income Report
July 2020 Income Report

How Would Your Life Change if You Could Maximize Your Earnings in Affiliate Marketing?

Would you PAY OFF those debts you owe?

Would you buy a NEW house?

Would you GET a fancy car?

Would you take a DREAM vacation?

Or maybe you would STOCKPILE ALL of that MONEY away for a comfortable retirement?

As I was discovering these affiliate content writing tips and page structure techniques, I documented all of the “SECRETS” that actually worked.

That way, I could easily pull from this list of proven strategies every time I wrote a new affiliate buying guide.

After spending more than TEN YEARS compiling ALL of my research and testing, I finally decided to put everything together into this new book to help other affiliate marketers live out their dreams:

Affiliate Content Secrets: Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies You Can Use to Maximize Your Earnings

Now, having a HIGHLY profitable affiliate site doesn’t mean you have to spend years figuring it out like I did. 

You can literally just steal my secrets and use them for yourself (with my full permission, of course!)

And, as you’ll discover in this new book…

High converting affiliate content has patterns

It follows formulas

It has a specific structures

And it can be used by anyone, including you, to get amazing resultsFAST!

So, grab your copy of this new book and see for yourself just how beneficial it can be for your affiliate site.

You won’t believe the stuff you’re going to learn!

I promise you that it’s JAM PACKED with affiliate marketing tips that can instantly boost your earnings.

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Inside Of This NEW Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover…

Inside of Affiliate Content Secrets, I will be sharing with you 27 SECRETS to help INCREASE YOUR EARNINGS as an affiliate marketer.

This is an ADVANCED MANUAL with never-before-seen tips and strategies in affiliate marketing.

book sample

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover inside of YOUR copy of this NEW book: 

Section #1: Affiliate Writing Secrets

  • Secret #1: How a simple change in your mindset as you write your affiliate content can set your earnings on fire!
  • Secret #2: The secret writing trick you can use to become a TOP AUTHORITY in any niche and make your content instantly more persuasive and appealing.
  • Secret #3: How you can use TWO simple words to quickly connect the points in your affiliate pages with your reader’s own lives. This makes your audience feel more comfortable taking your advice on which products to BUY.
  • Secret #4: A masterful way to TRIGGER a subconscious response in your visitors so that they’re more easily convinced to purchase the products YOU recommend.
  • Secret #5: A subtle method for reducing doubt and confusion in your reader’s mind as they compare different products on your affiliate page. This strategy makes your visitors more likely to BUY something before they leave.
  • Secret #6: A list of the most POWERFUL WORDS ever developed that you can use to create a psychological and emotional response in your readers. (These words are so persuasive that people can’t resist being influenced by them.)
  • Secret #7: How to write in a way that makes any complex product super simple to understand. That way, you can reach more people with your product reviews and BOOST your affiliate sales. (This tip is especially important for high ticket items.)
  • Secret #8: A unique writing strategy that was stolen from the TOP newspapers and media outlets for how to craft better paragraphs that your audience will actually enjoy reading. (This tactic is taught to every journalist but rarely talked about publicly!)
  • Secret #9: How to add better rhythm and flow to your sentences as a way to keep people on your pages longer. If your content sings like music, then your visitors are more likely to CLICK ON your affiliate links.
  • Secret #10: A powerful way to use questions in your affiliate content that stops people dead in their tracks and PERSUADES THEM to consider the stuff you’re telling them more deeply. (This writing tactic literally works like MAGIC to engulf readers into your content.)
  • Secret #11: A secret trick that only the TOP sites like Forbes, Good Housekeeping, The Wire Cutter, Business Insider, and Consumer Reports are using to build instant credibility, trust, and influence with their audiences—and now you too can take advantage of this hidden strategy.
  • Secret #12: Another sneaky tactic that big brands use on their affiliate pages to give people the impression that their content is the most well researched and comprehensive material on a topic—but now YOU can use it too to increase your click-through rates and conversions.
  • Secret #13: How to instantly create a stronger affiliation with your readers so they feel more comfortable CLICKING on your links and BUYING the items you recommend. (Note: This psychological tactic is used by the top marketing geniuses who represent the most popular musicians, TV shows, and sports teams to generate raving fans.)
  • Secret #14: THREE crucial tips for how to instantly hook your visitor’s attention starting with the first word they read on the page. These writing methods can REDUCE your bounce rates and INCREASE your visitor’s time on the page. (All of which can lead to higher sales and earnings.)
  • Secret #15: A stealthy way to create curiosity in your audience’s mind so they read all the way through your affiliate buying guides. By implementing this tip, you can push your visitors to read more of the page, which results in a longer time on your site and MORE sales.
  • Secret #16: How focusing on THREE “ALL STAR” products, no matter how many items are in your review, can lead to a massive EXPLOSION in SALES.
  • Secret #17: A genius way for how to write the product descriptions for your ALL STAR items that makes them irresistible to your readers. This sneaky tactic can PERSUADE anyone to BUY the product of YOUR choice.
  • Secret #18: A simple trick that can help people visualize how a particular product is going to improve their lives, which can lead more people to BUY that item right NOW!
  • Secret #19: How to use TWO powerful psychology concepts to create a favorable first impression for any affiliate product you promote.
  • Secret #20: A CLEVER WAY for how to weave in negative attributes in your product reviews that actually makes your content seem more trustworthy and credible. Thus, the more authentic your content appears, the more people will TRUST your recommendations and BUY the products you promote.
  • Secret #21: A list of the 10 MOTIVATING factors for why people buy things and how you can use them to write more persuasive product descriptions that generate higher sales.
  • Secret #22: Another subtle marketing tactic that you can use to get your visitors to narrow down their buying options. And, the faster you can do that, the quicker they’ll purchase something.
  • Secret #23: How to INSTANTLY boost your affiliate earnings by adding just ONE extra link in your product descriptions. (After you discover it, you’ll kick yourself for not taking advantage of this tactic sooner!)
  • Secret #24: A secret marketing strategy that TOP brands use to influence your decision-making process in situations where you don’t have any brand attachment. (Think Coca-Cola and Nike.) By using the POWER of PSYCHOLOGY with your words and images, you can influence which products your audience feels are more “right” for them.
  • Secret #25: How to write attention-grabbing headlines and Meta Titles that capture more clicks for your affiliate pages in Google. Even if you’re at the bottom of page one, you can entice more people to CLICK ON YOUR PAGE versus the competition.

Section #2: Affiliate Page Structure Secrets

  • Secret Page Structure #1: The PERFECT layout for a TOP 10 style affiliate buying guide that always works to sell more stuff. No fancy plugins or special knowledge are required. Even a complete newbie can use this formula to make more money from their affiliate content.
  • Secret Page Structure #2: Another HIGH-CONVERTING affiliate page structure that works even better for expensive items. Once you see how it’s laid out, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY at how well it meets the needs of people who require a bit more convincing to make a QUICK SALE.
  • BONUS SECRET: You’ll also discover the EXACT locations to put your target keywords to help improve your rankings for the affiliate page. Many years were spent developing this keyword formula and YOU won’t find it revealed anywhere else. Only the best SEOs in the industry know about this on-page SEO strategy, and you’ll learn it for FREE without having to pay for some high-priced SEO tool! (This secret alone is worth 100x the price of this book!)
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This NEW Book Can Make a MASSIVE Difference in How Much You Earn as an Affiliate Marketer

Now, you may be wondering, “Why would this guy be sharing all of his hard-earned SECRETS? Why doesn’t he just keep them for himself?”

Well, here’s the truth

I’ve been in the EXACT same situation as you are right now: with an affiliate site that you’re pouring every ounce of free time into as a way to try and make a decent living from it.

I’ve also…

  • Spent countless hours talking to other so-called “gurus” in affiliate marketing
  • Wasted an exuberant amount of cash on high priced courses
  • Sifted through lots of garbage online in the hopes of finding that golden ticket of information that could help increase my affiliate earnings

But, just like you, I soon realized that none of those paths were actually working.

All those pursuits did were cost me valuable time and money.

Now, I obviously can’t go back in time to help myself and shine a light on the error of my ways.

But, I can help you.

And that’s why I created this new book, Affiliate Content Secrets: Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies You Can Use to Maximize Your Earnings.

This book reveals all of the TOP SECRETS I’ve uncovered during the last 10+ years to make a tremendous amount of money from affiliate marketing.

And, I still use every single one of these tips today.

If YOU want to bypass all of the years of struggling with trial and error to find out what actually works to increase your affiliate earnings, then this new book is for you.

I sincerely want to help you!

At this point in my career, I have a STRONG DESIRE to GIVE BACK to the affiliate marketing community. There’s so much misinformation out there and new “gurus” popping up every day who promise to change the world for someone if they only invest in their over-priced course.

I’ve seen a lot of good people get burned by those false promises (myself included).

That’s why I decided to write this book and divulge every secret affiliate marketing tip and strategy I know that does work to increase your earnings.

What you’ll quickly discover after you buy this new book are the following:

  • There is no catch.
  • There is no hidden upsell.
  • There is no complex formula to follow.
  • There is no hidden continuity program or membership fee.
  • There is no premium content that’s been gated to make you spend more money. (In fact, this book comes with access to extensive resources for every chapter so you can get the most value out of your purchase. I also let you ask me questions for free because I DO WANT to HELP YOU!)

I believe in YOU and your desire to become a successful affiliate marketer.

You wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t serious about cutting through the crap and making more money in affiliate marketing.

And because YOU’RE serious, I want to do everything I CAN to put these proven secrets into your hands.

I want to help shortcut your path to being a more successful affiliate marketer.

I want you to earn a PROFITABLE INCOME from your affiliate commissions.

I want you to fulfill your DREAMS that only money can buy.

I know these affiliate tips and strategies can work for you because they work for me every single day.

I practice everything I preach in this new book. And I now want to GIVE YOU this same level of EXPERT knowledge without you having to spend years to acquire it.

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When You Get This New Book, I Want You to Open it, Read it, and Use it.

The methods taught in this new book can honestly change your life, just like how they’ve changed mine.

Now it’s YOUR TURN to discover the proven secrets of how to use the power of words and strategic page structures to increase your click-through rates and conversions no matter what affiliate products you sell.

So, Grab Your Copy Today!

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and I hope you enjoy the book. I also look forward to hearing about all of your success in affiliate marketing!


Stephen Hockman

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the page to see what you’re going to get, here’s the deal:

You’re getting a new book, “Affiliate Content Secrets: Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies You Can Use to Maximize Your Earnings” that retails at $24.95 for the paperback and $4.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon.

There is no catch, no gimmicks, and no hidden upsells. You will NOT be baited into signing up for a piece of software, web hosting account, or any other program that requires a monthly fee. You’ll just get all of the top tips and strategies I’ve been using to make a lot of money with affiliate websites.

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You won’t regret it!

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