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10 Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

1. The Wire Cutter

The Wire Cutter is one of the most famous examples of a good affiliate site. And for many Internet users, it’s one of the top affiliate websites they go to for reviews on electronics, gadgets, and consumer goods.

If you’re serious about making a more profitable affiliate website, then you should copy as much as you can from The Wire Cutter’s marketing strategy.

You can watch my full video walkthrough of this site where I reveal the tips mentioned below on the YouTube Channel here:

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • There are three primary types of content on the site and each one is monetized through affiliate links: buying guides, list-style posts, and blog posts.
  • Buying guides like The Best Adjustable Dumbbells have these characteristics:
    • Target keyword is in the meta title, meta description, URL, image ALT tag, and H1 and H2 tags.
    • Establishes a sense of trust and credibility by using expert words throughout the content (e.g. tested, research, experts, measurements, data).
    • Focuses heavily on promoting three affiliate products: top pick, runner-up, and also great.
    • Places an affiliate link for the top pick in the introduction.
    • Follows up the introduction with a short review of each of the three top product choices. The product images, names, and call-to-action buttons contain affiliate links.
    • Includes important sections like “Why You Should Trust Us”, “Who This is For”, “How We Picked”, “The Competition”, and “Sources”.
    • Includes quotes from experts in the field and authoritative resources.
    • Other product recommendations (i.e. the competition) are at the bottom of the page. These products have short descriptions and don’t contain images. This lack of information makes the top three products seem more attractive and worth the money.
    • Affiliate links are red in color which is a sharp contrast from the black text. This color choice makes these links easy to spot and click on. Other links that The Wire Cutter includes, but doesn’t necessarily want you to click on, are black in color.
  • List-style posts like The 16 Best Gifts for 10-Year-Olds have these characteristics:
    • Includes quotes from experts in the field and authoritative resources.
    • Categorizes the gifts by price so readers can find something that meets their budget.
    • Uses the idea of cross-selling to include affiliate links to other accessories in some product descriptions as a way to boost earnings.
    • Includes target keyword anchor text for internal links to other buying guides. Some SEO case studies show that using keyword anchor text like this can help boost the rankings for the keywords for the target page.
  • Blog posts like How to Set Up a Remote Learning Space for Your Kids have these characteristics:
    • Answers a common question people have and are actively searching for on Google.
    • Includes affiliate links throughout the content.
    • Includes target keyword anchor text for internal links to other buying guides.

As you can see, The Wire Cutter does a lot of things right to make their content resonate well with their visitors and convert those readers into active buyers.

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2. Lucie’s List

Lucie’s List is one of the best affiliate website examples for women who are pregnant and new moms. But the tactics you’ll find on this site can be used in any niche.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • Immediately when you visit the site, you’re hit with a pop up to join “Lucie’s List”. Once you join the newsletter, you’re sent a welcome email along with a link to a Google Doc called the “Crib Sheet” that features a list of the top products for many categories. Inside this document is a long list of affiliate links for things like car seats, strollers, bouncers, etc. It’s a brilliant idea to get recurring affiliate commissions from all of your newsletter subscribers and to bypass having to rank high in Google for various keywords to make sales. However, this idea may violate some affiliate program’s rules because they only want their links display on websites for tracking purposes, so use it with caution.
  • The newsletter also allows Lucie’s List to continually promote affiliate products to their subscribers. Depending on the age of your child, you’ll get various emails for product recommendations for every stage of life as you move through it with your kid.
  • The site has a buying guide for literally every stage of pregnancy and postpartum. This maximizes the earning potential.
  • On buying guides like the Best Diaper Bags, there’s an additional section for “What Goes in a Diaper Bag” that uses the idea of cross-selling to include affiliate links to accessories as a way to boost earnings.
  • Buying guides feature more than one image for the top three products on the list. This makes those items seem more enticing to the visitor. (A persuasive concept I talk about in my book, Affiliate Content Secrets).
  • At the bottom of each page, there’s a “Shop Related Products” widget that’s powered by Amazon’s Custom Ads. This is an easy way to increase affiliate earnings from every casual visitor.
  • The top menu navigation contains a link to a page that lists all of the buying “Gear Guides” and an “Ages & Stages” link that helps visitors find exactly what they need for every stage of pregnancy.

3. The Flooring Girl

The Flooring Girl is one of those affiliate marketing website examples that shows just how profitable you can be in a tight niche. In one interview, the owner said that the site earns about $20,000 per month, with about $12,000 of that coming from affiliate marketing. That just goes to show that people like to spend money online for good flooring materials and related accessories!

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • Buying guides like What is the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors are optimized well for the target keyword by including it in the meta title, meta description, URL, H1 and H2 tags, image filename and ALT tag, and within the first 200 words of the content.
  • Several Pinterest targeted images are used within the content to add visual interest and make it easier for visitors to pin the content.
  • Readers are instantly baited to click on an affiliate link after the short introduction. It says “This specific vacuum is the most popular with our readers” and the only way to find out what it is would be to click on the link.
  • The content offers some tips on how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors before listing the top recommendations.
  • There’s an affiliate link on each product’s name, image, and call-to-action button (CTA). The CTA text should be more consistent though instead of using both “Buy it Now” and “Check Current Price”.
  • Blog posts like Top 7 Bathroom Flooring Trends capture additional website traffic from people who are looking for ideas on new flooring; not necessarily a buying guide. And throughout the posts, affiliate links are inserted for visitors to buy any of the flooring options that are displayed.
  • On blog posts, a call-out box with the author’s photo is inserted in the middle of the content that leads to related buying guides. It’s titled, “Want to see the floor cleaning products I recommend?” These links also contain the target keyword anchor text.
  • Display ads are used on the sidebar and bottom of the page to increase revenue from every website visitor.

4. Pro Tool Reviews

Pro Tool Reviews is a popular affiliate site that reviews power tools and hand tools for practically every home improvement project.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • Buying guides like Best Compact Miter Saws jump right into the reviews without wasting time on a long and wordy introduction.
  • Each miter saw that’s being recommended is categorized in the H3 tag heading, such as the “best compact miter saw overall, “best compact miter saw for woodworking”, “best compact miter saw construction”, etc. That’s a bit overoptimized for the keyword “best”. I usually recommend that you drop the word “best” in the H3 tags but it seems to be working for this site to rank for the target keyword “best compact miter saw”.
  • An option is given to visitors to buy each miter saw from different online retailers: Amazon and Acme Tools. This strategy can help people comparison shop faster and lead to a quicker sale.
  • Two important sections come after the buying guide, “What to Look for in the Best Compact Miter Saw” and “Why You Can Trust Pro Tool Reviews”. These sections educate the visitor on how to make a good choice and help to establish more trust and credibility for the site. That way visitors are more likely to take the recommendations seriously and make a purchase.
  • Individual review pages like Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Framing Nailer Review are very in-depth and every aspect of the tool is covered. Also, numerous pictures are included to show real hands-on experience with the product to further establish credibility.
  • The individual review pages should have more affiliate links throughout the content. At any point, a visitor may decide that they want to buy the item, so it should be easy for them to do that. A good place would be right after the introduction, within the middle, and at the end of the page.
  • Display ads are layered throughout the content on every page as a way to increase earnings from every visitor.

5. Super Comfy Sleep

Super Comfy Sleep is an example affiliate website that focuses on mattresses, pillows, and comforters. And right now, it’s dominating a lot of high traffic keywords for bedding.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • The homepage links to all of the top buying guides as “Featured Posts” or “Recent Articles”. This helps transfer a lot of the ranking power of the homepage to those internal buying guides.
  • Buying guides like the Best Queen Size Mattress follows one of the Secret Page Structure templates I reveal in my book, Affiliate Content Secrets, where the beginning of the guide is educational and then leads into a comparison chart and then the individual product reviews. This is a good structure for affiliate products that are higher-priced and require more education for the reader in order to make the sale.
  • Each product review follows the same format with each aspect covered: mattress size and type, support and comfort, hygiene, durability, and pros and cons.
  • Every buying guide features 15 best products. Having 15 items reviewed instead of 5 to 10 like most other affiliate sites are doing in this niche may help this site to get more clicks on Google because it seems more in-depth.

6. Pick a Toilet

Pick a Toilet is an example of an affiliate site in a tight niche. And as you may have guessed by the name, it reviews toilets.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • Each buying guide is 6,000 to 7,000 words or more. Making content that can compete with this takes a lot of work!
  • Each buying guide follows the same page structure.
  • The comparison chart on each buying guide has all of the essential information for comparing toilets quickly.
  • The homepage is optimized for and targeting the main keywords for this niche: “best toilets” and “toilet reviews”.
  • The homepage links contextually to other buying guides throughout the post that are targeting additional “best toilets” type of keywords, like “best compact toilet” and “best tankless toilet“.
  • The homepage links to individual review articles for visitors to learn more about each particular toilet in addition to the call-to-action button, “Check The Price On Amazon”.
  • The individual review articles like this one link back to the homepage with target keywords like “best toilet reviews”.
  • Every page on the site links back to the homepage with keyword-rich anchors within the content. This helps the homepage rank easier for its target keywords.

7. Dog Food Advisor

Dog Food Advisor is similar to our last example site, but this affiliate website focuses on dog food.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • The page that’s targeting the main keyword “best dog foods” is a category page with a list of links to all sub-set pages of dog food types. It covers the best dog foods by category and breed and uses exact match anchor texts for the keywords that the owner is trying to rank each sub-page for.
  • Buying guides like the Best Puppy Foods are a good affiliate website example that uses fear in the introduction to hook the reader. Notice how it highlights the text about how choosing the wrong type of food could cause a crippling disease for your puppy. That type of language entices people to want to read further to get recommendations on what type of food won’t hurt their animal.
  • Each buying guide contains an “Editor’s Choice” graphic that makes the page seem more authoritative and trustworthy. It’s a subtle detail that works!
  • A star rating is given for each dog food recommendation so that readers can get a sense of how “good” the food really is.
  • A “Best for:” bullet point is given for every dog food so that readers know which breed of puppy it would work best for. This makes it easier for each person to narrow down their selection on which food to try for their puppy rather than deciding between all 10 options.
  • A sample buyer review is included for each food recommendation. This builds credibility for each product and reduces anxiety in the buyer’s mind. There’s also an affiliate link that’s being disguised as a “Read more reviews link” as a way to get the web browser cookie loaded.
  • Each product has an individual review page that a visitor can go to if they need more information before making a purchase.
  • At the bottom of each buying guide is a box with links to additional buying guides with target keyword anchor texts.
  • Buying guides include an FAQ section that answers top questions in extreme detail. Many of the answers include charts, graphs, and tables.
  • A reference section is included at the bottom of each buying guide to back up claims and data presented in the content. This adds more credibility to the guides.

8. My Pet Needs That

My Pet Needs That is like Dog Food Advisor, but on steroids. This affiliate site has all sorts of affiliate content for dogs, cats, and other animals.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • Instead of using a comparison chart to compare all of the products reviewed in a buying guide like the Best Dog Harnesses, this site chooses to only shows the top three picks at the top of the page. It also labels them as “Best Choice”, “Premiums Pick”, and “Best Value”. This affiliate marketing tactic of focusing on three all-star items is explained more in my book, Affiliate Content Secrets: Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies You Can Use to Maximize Your Earnings. It’s a great strategy to get visitors to narrow their choices down so they make an instant purchase online.
  • Each buying guide also follows the same page structure, which is very similar to one of the Secret Page Structures I reveal in my book.
  • There are related post links scattered throughout each buying guide that lead to other buying guides in that particular category. This allows the site owner to use target keywords for internal SEO linking purposes and to capture additional sales from visitors who want to buy more than what they came to the current page looking for.

9. Kitchen Knife Guru

Kitchen Knife Guru is a good affiliate marketing website example that features a real person. Nate Ouderkirk is the man behind this site and he does a lot of things right for success that we can all copy.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • Buying guides, like this one on the Best Chef Knives, feature real pictures of the products in action. Nate, the site owner, also appears in some of those photos. This makes the site feel totally legit and trustworthy.
  • All content is written in the 1st person narrative. This is an easy way to establish authority on any subject since you have first-hand experience with the topic.
  • Nate offers his own thoughts and opinions on every product (good and bad) as a way to show off his authoritativeness on the subject of knives. He doesn’t just rewrite Amazon affiliate descriptions.
  • The word count for his top buying guide around 8,000 words. That’s hard to compete with!
  • Comments are turned on for each page and there’s an active discussion happening on each post. Plus, Nate responds to those questions every day. These comments also help build the site’s authority, credibility, and trustworthiness.

10. Modern Castle

Modern Castle is an affiliate site that focuses on home cleaning products and security systems. It’s a site I’ve followed for a long time and there are a lot of good things you can learn from this affiliate website.

Key Takeaways for Success:

  • Similar to Kitchen Knife Guru, Modern Castle also features real pictures of the products in action on every buying guide. The main site owner, Derek, also appears in them. There’s no guessing as to whether these reviews are legit or not.
  • In addition to creating pages that target high traffic keywords like “best vacuum cleaners“, this affiliate site also does individual product reviews like “Dyson V11” and comparisons like “Dyson V8 vs V11“. This strategy allows the site to capitalize on all versions of the search terms related to vacuum cleaners.
  • The site consistently places affiliate links throughout the content on each page. Almost every time a product name is mentioned, there’s a link attached to it. This seems a little overboard in my opinion, but it does make it super-easy for the visitor to get to the product page as soon as they’re ready to make a purchase.
  • The call-to-action (CTA) button color is bright red. This color choice makes it stand out from the rest of the content and practically screams “click me!” You never want your CTA buttons to blend in with the page.
  • Similar to other affiliate example sites on this list, each buying guide and review article links contextually to the other buying guides on the site. For example, this page links to the main Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews page using the keyword anchor text, “best Dyson vacuums“.
  • When you’re scrolling through the page, you never see a wall of text. Text is constantly broken up with pictures, colorful boxes, tables, bullet-point lists, etc. Every page is super-engaging for the reader and it’s hard to get bored scrolling through the content.
  • Review pages like the Dyson V11 include an “Updates” section at the end of the post. This includes the date for when a change was made to the content as well as a description of that change. You can’t get more credible than that!
Affiliate website examples

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