Identify Your Target Buyer Persona


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2 thoughts on “Secret #1 Resources

  1. Hey, Stephen, what if I had multiple buyer personas in a single article like “best graphic tablet in india”
    Example: in “Best graphic tablet in India”

    I want to target multiple buyers peronas like drawing professionals, students, teachers and artists

    Then i would like to fix each of this buyer persnoas to specific products in top 7 products and in first product i would recommend it to best drawing tablet for drawing professional, likewise i like to add remaining buyer persona keywords to remaining products

    Is this good strategy else should I need to focus only on one single buyer persona

    1. Yes, I think that is a good strategy for that type of post. The target buyers for graphic tablets is a bit wide, so it could work well to recommend each tablet for specific types of users: drawing professionals, students, teachers, and artists.

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