Ben Adler from Affiliate Niche Builders sat down with author Stephen Hockman to talk about his new book, Affiliate Content Secrets: Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies You Can Use to Maximize Your Earnings.

In this interview, you’ll discover some of the “secrets” that are included in the book as well as how to improve your copywriting skills, increase conversions, and use effective SEO on affiliate websites.

Topic Discussed in This Interview

  • How Stephen used copywriting to boost a single page from $0 to $100 per week.
  • Why affiliate marketers wrongly ignore copywriting.
  • How copywriting can actually help SEO.
  • How to create buyer personas to speak directly to your readers.
  • How to write killer introductions that hook readers into reading more.
  • How to use open loops to make readers stay on the page longer.
  • What specific authority keywords to include in your introduction to boost keyword rankings and credibility with your visitors.
  • Which free A/B testing tool to use to perform split tests.
  • How to recommend related products to easily increase conversions.
  • How to get battle-tested templates that convert for affiliate buying guides.
  • and much more!

If you have any questions about the tips and strategies revealed in this interview, then leave a comment below.

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